WHY Mega Manila?

Mega Manila Pest Management Specialists, Inc. was established in September 2005. Mega Manila consists of a Management team that has 37 years of excellent experience in the Pest Control industry.

We employ Entomologists, Chemists, Microbiologists, Plant Disease experts, Weed Scientists, and trained and accredited Exterminators and Fumigators to ensure that our services are done in the safest, most effective, efficient and reliable way.

We believe that a happy, satisfied client is key to good business. Mega Manila ensures that all our technicians and support team work together so that each client will be given outstanding customer service.

Our extensive array of services include management and control of stored product pests (beetles, moths, and the like), structural pests (termites, powder pest beetles, ants, etc.) and pests of hygiene and sanitation significance (cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, houseflies, bedbugs, ticks, fleas, rodents, et al).

Our pest management approach begins with inspection and assessment of the entire facility to determine infestation problems, their sources and the extent of damage. Followed by proper and correct identification of pests – a critical step in pest control that will guide every pest control operator on how to address existing infestation problems. Proper identification of pests leads to correct and efficient control, after all.

Depending on the needs and requests of clients, the next step is the treatment or application of one or more control measures.

Our service continues long after your pest problem has been solved. We do regular monitoring of treated areas to check for pest activity. This way, clients are given the assurance of having their properties protected at all times. Finally, we provide reports to communicate with clients and to provide evidence of an efficient service.


Guided by the principle of total customer satisfaction, Mega Manila ensures that each client will be given efficient and reliable service


Depending on the treatment provided we have a variation of monitoring schedules to fit the need of each treatment. Can go from weekly to monthly


We start with proper identification of pests which lead to a design of appropriate treatment and control measures. Modifications are implemented from best practices and periodic evaluation


We provide quality service suitable to your budget


Passionate Employees


Years of Experience


Clients a year


Licenses / Accreditation

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