Cockroaches are omnivorous creatures and are fond of starch, sweetened foods, meat, dairy, vegetable and extreme cases of wood products.

There are many species of cockroaches but the following are the three (3) most important ones:

The German Cockroach prefers dark, warm places but close to sources of water, they congregate under tables, in between cupboards, wall cracks and behind wall hangings, inside softdrink cases, etc. They are active at night, but under conditions of high population density, they will be seen moving about even during the day. They usually breed and live in buildings generations after generations without influence of seasons;

The American cockroach prefers dark, warm and humid places and loves fermenting liquid, they are also capable of moderate flight, and;

The Oriental Cockroach, also commonly “known as water bug”. They are smaller than the American cockroaches but longer than German cockroach. They are found in homes and other buildings where dark, protected areas, food and water are available. They are common outdoors in warm weather and may become unusually abundant around trash and garbage.

Why we want them treated: They are creepy crawly carriers of disease-causing organisms that trigger plague, cholera, etc., and salmonella organisms that cause food poisoning.

Services offered to address their presence: General Pest Control, Pest Exclusion

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