POWDER POST BEETLE (Lyctoxylon dentatum)

Prevalent families to the Powderpost Beetle are:
(1) Lyctus spp Family - Thin
(2) Anobiid Family

Powder post beetles bore into wood and make tunnels in order to lay eggs. They eat starch in woods. The more starch, the greater the damage.

These beetles stay inside the tunnels in their early stages of development. After they emerge from their Pupal case, they bore their way out of the wood resulting in exit holes. (The powdery stuff we see on the floor is excreta from the wood that has borne exit holes).

Why we want them treated: They damage our doors, windows, floors, wood panels, and furniture from all their tunneling.

Services offered to address their presence: General Pest Control, Pest Exclusion

Sources: Powderpost Beetles, Entomology at the University of Kentucky

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