RODENTS (Rodentia)

Rats are picky but voracious eaters. Foods that contain substances that taste bitter, putrid or moldy are rejected over fresher food. They also find their way by touching and memorizing surfaces such as walls, stacked legs, chair legs, etc. which is why they usually travel along walls and not diagonally across a room. They travel in narrow, concealed paths and use the same routes habitually. Their whiskers guide their movements which is the reason why they prefer to move along walls.

Mice, on the other hand, are nibblers. They mainly eat grains but also feed on insects. They usually stay within 30 feet of their nesting place.

Rats and mice prefer food mixed with vegetable oil.

Why we want them treated: Rodents forage our homes for sustenance – contaminating our food and other stored products; destroying our walls, furniture, and even clothes in the process. They chew on wires in our homes, offices, and cars. They spoil our crops. They spread diseases like bubonic plague, pneumonic plague, leptospirosis, urine, typhus, infectious jaundice (weil’s disease), rat bite fever, etc.

Services offered to address their presence: Rodent Control, Pest Exclusion

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